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Image by Alexey Ruban
Image by Alexey Ruban

About America Matters

America Matters Media is one of the few stations serving as a community radio station with the background and experience of its founder Eddie Floyd. Though you may find community radio stations in Nevada, our community is the world. America Matters Media is redefining talk radio beyond the radio airwaves.

Our number one value is freedom of speech based on facts and truth.

America Matters logo
  • As a full-service media company, we’re creating content in partnership with our expansive roster of professional show hosts to deliver quality conversation across the globe.

  • We are experts at combining human interest with emerging technologies, distributing our shows as only a 21st century media company can.

  • America Matters Media embraces the channels that listeners use to consume their content the most, from multi-platform podcast distribution, to live HD video streaming across Facebook, to instant Internet radio streaming at the push of a button.

  • By broadcasting our shows across more avenues, we increase the footprint of our advertising partners.​

With a variety of topics spanning business, religion, politics, arts & entertainment, and more, we reach and engage listeners from every walk of life. In addition to providing a home to multiple Hall of Fame broadcasters, America Matters Media makes it easy and cost efficient for those looking to create and distribute their own unique content on AM and FM stations.​

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