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Nevada Real Estate

Hosted by Peter Padilla

About the Show

The Nevada Broadcasters Association inducted Peter into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2001 which means he completed over 20 years in the broadcast industry, a career that included every aspect of radio and television production (except janitor).

Taking a break from 27 years of broadcasting he was recruited and became a mortgage lender for a national firm. After 10 years and a lot of stress, he realized that he would have more fun doing what he loves, advertising and marketing so he, with some arm twisting was asked (and finally relented) to join the Sage Team to serve as the Mad Man of Marketing!   His creativity and passion allows us to create a more positive result for everyone we touch.

Peter is the Producer of  Nevada Real Estate Radio™. Socially conscious, fiscally responsible (that means frugal) he has never been the same since Burning Man 2012. Spontaneous by nature, we sometimes see him with a mustache and sometimes without. Sometimes his convertible top is up, sometimes it’s down.

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